Eddie and Danny - Twin Country AccordionsFrom the rolling hills of Pennsylvania come the sweet sounds of Twin Country Accordions, being played by true country boys Danny Yarnick and Eddie Liszewski. See Eddie on TV!

Eddie Liszewski passed away January 26, 2012
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They met many years ago when Eddie was a school bus driver and Danny was a student riding the bus. When Danny learned that Eddie was an accordion player, they became the best of friends. Danny visited Eddie often to hear him play and listen to his many albums. Soon Danny was playing the accordion and it wasn't long until Danny Joined Eddie's band. Danny quickly developed a unique country style of his very own. They both had a great love for traditional country music and decided to record an album of country music, "Country from the Heart" which was met with great success.

Danny and Eddie - Twin Country AccordionsSince then, they have recorded several albums with Danny playing melody using his slip note accordion style backed by Eddie playing the country twirls. Their albums have sold thousands of copies all over the world and they have become famous for their special brand of smooth, simple, country music. The musical arrangements include acoustic guitar, smooth fiddle, mandolin, bass, drums and, of course, twin accordions. Their CDs have sold thousands of copies and their unique, smooth accordion style is legendary.

We now have mp3 samples of our music and an online store where you can buy Twin Country Accordions' CDs and cassettes! We currently have 7 albums available ranging from old country favorites to gospel to polkas. All done in the unique Twin Country Accordions style! CDs and cassettes are also available on the CD Baby and Pure Country Music web sites, but you can buy them directly from us here on our secure
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